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Monday, November 7, 2016

Enlist Duo comment period from EPA opened

Hey Folks,

Late last week we received this information from Dr. Ken Lege, Phytogen / Dow Agronomist.  It is regarding some long awaited next step for Enlist and the Enlist Duo registrations for 2017: 

Today marks an important milestone for Enlist Duo registration for use in cotton.  See the announcement below for details (I have bolded the statements with particular relevance to cotton).

A 30-day comment period from EPA opened today and will close on Dec 1.

A quick Google search yielded the following EPA link with more info:

I also found the site on which you can provide a comment:

Thanks Dr. Lege!

While this is a milestone in getting the next generation of cotton herbicide technology registered and available for us to use in our serious weed control battles, we also need your voices heard during this comment period.  Without well thought out and realistically based comments from those who would be utilizing this technology, the EPA could be flying blind in its decision to move forward on the registration process.  I urge all of you to voice an organized comment during this period.