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Friday, May 24, 2019

Top Producing Cotton Counties for 2018 Released

Texas Plains Cotton: Hale County – 2018 Top U.S. Producer

               For this blog I generally try to reserve it for pest alerts, helpful tips, status updates, pertinent research results, how to(s), links to newsletters or other information, and as quick outlets for new or timely IPM information of many flavors.  Today’s is a bit different.  The past few growing seasons have been challenging.  Steadily increasing input costs, constant water availability and cost issues, unstable weather, unyielding weed pressure, returning and heavier pest pressure, resistance to control measures from both those pests and weeds, weak markets, and implementing ever evolving production and management practices are just a few of the issues it feels like we have stumbled through.  So, it is very good to hear from a neutral source that you have been doing your work well and overcoming many of the challenges thrown your way. 

               Well, Hale County, and much of the surrounding area (especially my Hale, Swisher, & Floyd people), here is a pat on the back and recognition for your successful efforts.  The following was written by Mary Jane Buerkle last week.

Thanks Mary Jane,