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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

this week's High Plains IPM 'Radio" Podcast

Hello All,

The new High Plains audio update is at (direct link) and on the website at . Texts have been sent to the 48 subscribers.

Contents: Alfalfa weevil still numerous, significant wheat freeze damage - especially drylands, drought building, cotton planting - consider night temperatures - below 55 degrees not good. (7:36)


Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekly High Plains IPM "Radio" Podcast text alert signup!

For the past few weeks, the Texas High Plains IPM Team has experimented with a weekly radio style podcast where we discuss the issues in our areas.  This includes updates from me, Blayne Reed EA-IPM Hale & Swisher, Kerry Siders EA-IPM Hockley, Cochran, & Lamb, John Thobe EA-IPM Palmer, Bailey, & Castro, Dagan Teague EA-IPM Floyd & Crosby, with Dr. Pat Porter, district entomologist, and when available Dr. Suhas Vyavhare, district cotton entomologist. 

So far our early recordings have only been available by provided link.  These have been a huge success and we are moving forward.  This week we are offering a text alert sign up for the weekly IPM podcast.  So, if you would like a text alert made to your phone weekly with a link to the IPM discussion, the time to sign up is now!

Go to: and fill out the signup box for High Plains (left side of the page).

By the way, our compatriots to the south in the Concho/St. Lawrence area have one too.  Their sign up is here:

Go to: and fill out the signup box for Concho St Lawrence (right side of the page).

Thanks, and we will be speaking to you soon!

Blayne Reed

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020 High Plains IPM Podcast

Here is the link to this week's High Plains IPM Podcast.

Good info on soil temperatures and planting conditions.


Blayne Reed