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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 6, 2014 Soil Temperature & Weed Concerns

I took a soil temperature reading (6 inch) at 8:30 am this morning 1 mile south of Plainview. 

                                66°F / conventional till / cotton on cotton / pre-irrigated.

                While this reading is a touch lower than ideal for cotton planting, when evaluating the weather for the upcoming week, we note a warming trend that looks to stay.  Cotton should be ok, soil temperature wise, to plant.  I have a much larger concern about the lack of moisture, dry conditions sucking out all of the costly applied pre-irrigation, and our ability to irrigate up a crop.  There truly are few of these problems a gentle three inch rain would not alleviate.

                As I make preliminary rounds through the county, I am finding an alarming number of weeds already emerged in several of the area’s potential cotton fields.  These weeds have been flushing with each and every pre-irrigation.  In some cases, a select few weeds have come through pre-plant residual.  In others without any applied residual, the number of emerged weeds looks to be 5 or six fold.  In seasons past, these weeds, regardless of number, were a minor concern as we could count on Roundup to clean them up with the first pass.  I no longer feel this is the case.  In fact I could make the case that these already emerged weeds have been at least 90% of our problematic weeds in recent seasons.

                I urge producers to get a quick scout across their fields to confirm or disavow the presence of these seedling weeds before the planter heads to the field.  We still have some pre-plant knockdown with residual options that has a good chance of taking these weeds down before the planter leaves seeds among the weed patches.


Please call or come by with any questions,

Blayne Reed

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