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Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 28 Progressive Growers Breakfast

Progressive Grower’s Breakfast July 28, 2015
Jeff’s Restaurant, Kress

                It is no secret that in our Hale, Swisher, and & Floyd area crops there is quite a bit happening on multiple fronts.  From corn disease issues, to sugarcane aphid outbreaks, on to cotton plant growth regulator needs, all the way through to multiple pests, we seem to have it all occurring on some level or another.  With so much going on in the field, it seems to be a good time to put heads together for some answers.  So please come join us over coffee and breakfast and bring the questions you have from your farm.
                The Progressive Growers Breakfasts are open to all producers and usually runs about an hour but we generally stay until all questions are answered and work drags us away.  This group is driven by producers and tries to meet monthly to bi-weekly need depending.  Blayne typically leads off the discussion with a quick ‘bug report,’ which usually highlights what he and other professionals are seeing in production fields in terms of insect, weed, and disease issues.  Often John Villalba, CEA Swisher, makes regular appearances and we could see Jason Miller, CEA-Hale, or Christen Brooks, CEA-Floyd, with reports also.  If possible or practical, district researchers and specialists might even make themselves available for these breakfasts.
                To get on the ‘regular’ Progressive Grower’s Breakfast announcement text please call the Hale County office at 806-291-5267 or the Swisher office at 806-995-3721 and we will get you in contact with Mike Goss, Swisher County Producer, and primary host of the breakfasts. 

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