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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sugarcane Aphid Update - Colonies found in Hale too.

A quick update to the sugarcane aphid population watch.  Yesterday I did find and confirm the aphid in northwestern Hale County on seed milo.  The population was what I would consider very light and not at our High Plains SCA treatment thresholds yet.  Less than 5% of these early bloom stage
plants in this field had small colonies of 20 or less sca on them.  Listed here are those treatment thresholds:

Treatment threshold:
Pre-boot: 20% of plants with aphids
Boot: 20% of plants infested with 50 aphids per leaf.
Flowering to Milk: 30% of plants infested with 50 aphids per leaf.
Soft dough through dough: 30% of plants infested
*Do not let them get too numerous before treating*
Maximize spray coverage best you can - spray AT LEAST 10 GPA by ground and 5 GPA by air;  *Spray by ground if possible*


photo of SCA colony from NW Hale seed milo field 

Good Luck,


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