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Friday, July 8, 2016

Fleahopper and Lygus Scouting Videos

Fleahopper and Lygus Scouting Videos
                It is that time of year when we are very busy scouting many different crops.  It is now peak time for concern over two of our most troublesome cotton pests, fleahoppers and Lygus.  To help combat these pests, we have made a few more educational and ‘how to’ videos in fleahopper and Lygus scouting and decision making.
                Kerry Siders, EA-IPM Hockley, Cochran, and Lamb, is doing a great job on camera for the fleahopper video :
            Myself and Tyler Mays, EA-IPM Gains, Terry, and Yockam, teamed up for the Lygus video: 


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