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Friday, July 1, 2016

Sugarcane Aphid in Sorghum near San Angelo

Sugarcane Aphid in Sorghum near San Angelo

                Joel Webb, EA-IPM Runnels and Tom Green, today has identified sugarcane aphids in the San Angelo area.  This is the nearest confirmed growing season report of the sugarcane aphid to the High Plains area.  The aphid was confirmed as overwintering right here in Hale County and was found on native Johnson grass in Lubbock, Hale, & Swisher Counties earlier this spring, but since that time has fallen off the ‘radar’ with no more colonies found in our area.  We assume healthy populations of predators are to blame for the disappearance of the aphid from our area, but we cannot be certain.  With no native sugarcane aphids to monitor, we have been and will be watching the migration of the aphid from the south while anticipating and bracing for their arrival on the High Plains.  In the Valley, Coastal Bend, and Hill Country, the aphid has been an economic pest this year, but reduced in population compared to recent seasons.


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