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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lubbock County Positive for Sugarcane Aphid

Lubbock County Positive for Sugarcane Aphid

Sugarcane aphids were found in a colony on Johnsongrass on June 29th in central Lubbock County on the north fence of the Lubbock airport. Pat Porter, Extension Entomologist, found the aphids and the identification was confirmed by three other Extension Entomologists and IPM Agents. It took only ten minutes of looking to find the colony, and 30 additional minutes of looking on other Johnsongrass elsewhere did not result in additional detections. Sorghum was not sampled but soon will be. Today's earlier post confirming sugarcane aphid in Coleman, Runnels and Tom Green counties noted that the aphid could be found on sorghum, and Dr. Charles Allen said that sorghum may be the preferred host in those counties because Johnsongrass is now in decline.

Blayne Reed, Extension Agent - IPM in Hale, Swisher and Floyd counties, did not find sugarcane aphids in any of the two dozen fields he or his scouts examined in Hale and Swisher counties today (yesterday). He is confident that those fields are not infested. Floyd county has not been sampled.

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